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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

It must be really, really good to finally feel your feet touching the floor and walking on your own.  It must be really nice to see the world as far as your eyes can, curious about  everything. The baby steps finally turning into joys of discovering you can stand on your own two feet….what bliss! And I know you are excited. One of these days, you will hold my hands and we will take those precious walks and see what nature has in store. Can’t wait baby, I am as excited as you are.



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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

I’ve meant to post these pictures yesterday but I was a little busy. It’s another milestone in our baby’s life, having his first haircut, that is. They brought him to Cuts 4 Tots Hair  Salon at Robinsons Ermita before his first birthday and Nissa took some shots. Someday, when he is old enough to read and see his pictures, he would surely appreciate them all.



Look at how long his hair is.

Nate at Muzy1

Nate at Muzy2

Good boy Nate, love that barber’s chair…….


Looking good baby, gone are the long bangs.


And it comes with  a cute certificate with his lock of hair inside.

And here’s a closer shot of “before” and “after”.

Nate's first haircut Muzy

See you soon baby. Love you so much. Nonna could not get enough, right?

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