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Giving is more meaningful when it comes from the heart.

Be a cheerful giver.

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Nonna is of course excited 🙂

Our Precious Bundle of Joy


Our little one is turning one in four days  and we are looking forward to this momentous event, another stage in his young life. Does that make him a toddler now?

We are all excited  to celebrate his first birthday this coming Saturday. Nissa planned and prepared for it for the last two months or so.  I love the simple but cute invite  for his birthday. His actual birthday is on  Friday but since most of their invited guests have work, they scheduled it for Saturday, Nov. 23.



They came over last Saturday to distribute their invitations to some of our neighbors. I am truly amazed how he has learned a lot in the three weeks that I haven’t seen him. Though his language are mostly garbled words  and sounds and one or two  that he can pronounce correctly, he responds to everything that you tell him. And did I…

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