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It’s my birthday today. And they always say, don’t count the years but the blessings that come into your life, but saying thank you is not enough.

For the times that I felt so happy, thank you.

For the days that my kids showed how much I am loved, thank you.

For those moments bonding with my little Nate and making me feel so blessed with his presence, thank you.

For my family, who’ve been so supportive of me through rough times, thank you.

For  my dear friends whose presence in my life are blessed gifts, thank you.

For the people I’ve met  along the way and blessed me with their smiles, thank you.

For lessons learned and moments cherished, thank you.

For the hard times that I felt like giving up but managed to stay sane, thank you.

For the times I laughed and cried, thank you.

But above all, THANK YOU SO MUCH LORD for the gift of life, it’s another year to be thankful for.


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