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Finally, after a few months of waiting,  this dwarf kalachuchi  showed its lovely reddish pink flowers this morning. It’s also called Plumeria, Temple flower  or its most common name frangipani.


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Louie, my sixteen year old nephew sent me this early this morning. It’s  a part of his artwork collections that he posted on his timeline in FB.  It’s a pencil sketch of two kids with hook and lines.  It reminds me of those serene afternoons I spent with mom going fishing during school breaks when I was in grade school and the times I spent with my cousins looking for green beetles to play with.  Another artist in the family. My younger brother is into architecture, my other nephew paints too (he’s a Fine Arts graduate) and my daughter is into arts and crafts and makes her own greeting cards complete with drawings and cut-outs. I’m truly impressed because I could not even draw a stick figure much less make something like this.

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