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It was such a shocking news. Early this morning, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake  brought damage to Cebu and Bohol. It’s a good thing that it is a holiday today  and the students are safe from  collapsed school buildings adjacent to century old churches  which are main tourist attractions in the area.  I just could not imagine that the places my daughter was raving about during her honeymoon two years ago are now in rubbles.

We are one with you Cebu, Bohol and all the other provinces that were hit by the earthquake. We are praying for your safety.


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Lord, heal our land.

Heal us from the hurts of witnessing natural calamities

that destroy our sense of peace and safety.

Heal us from the insecurities that we feel every day as we go along life’s journey.

Give us enough faith to face everything.

We all know, Your love for us will always sustain.

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