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I know you would not believe this. It’s my latest obsession with pencils. My son found an unopened pack of Mongol pencils a few days ago while he was looking for some files and he gave it to me.  It has six  unsharpened pencils inside and I told him, “I wish I have a nice pencil sharpener to go with these”. Then he said, “there is a sharpener there, I think” but when I looked, it was  an eraser used on tracing papers, the kind that does not make holes on paper. I remember those times when I was in grade school  and used to collect pencils of different length complete with a metal case with some character designs.  I’ve used pencils lately in some of my notes before transferring them to my journal. Much as I am obsessed with collecting journals, I collect gel pens too.

When I was in college, I had lots of colored pens and pencils which I used for bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, curves , and everything that an Economics major could use to present  something in graphs  instead of numbers.  The proverbial law of supply and demand meeting somewhere at some point with colors green and red intersecting each other, I loved those. Or maybe I haven’t lost my  penchant for such colorful charts in my notebooks  after all these years. This afternoon, I went to National Bookstore to buy a pencil sharpener…haha!  So many shapes in different colors and I was like  a child smiling at the picture of a fifty-six year old grandma who can’t decide what color and what shape to buy.  And I still dream of buying a thick  coloring book to while the time away when I get bored.  Goodness, I laugh at myself sometimes 🙂

Seriously, I am in the thick of reading another Ken Follett thriller entitled The Third Twin, a story of genetic manipulation. An exciting read.


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