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Yes…..and they’re  playing Christmas carols. If not for the southwest monsoon  (habagat)  brought about by typhoon Odette, I would say, the cold winds of  December are blowing our way.  It’s definitely windy  and I am thankful Metro Manila won’t be much affected by the typhoon which has maintained its gustiness the past days in Northern Luzon.

It’s 96 days before Christmas. Just excited to make my countdown, that is. Every day, I hear Christmas carols on the radio and it feels nostalgic, exciting and sentimental. I’ve always said time and again, that the Philippines celebrate the longest Christmas ever. As soon the BER months start, you will hear Christmas music.  I guess it’s time to bring out those Christmas CDs once more.  Do you anticipate Christmas as we do? What’s your favorite Christmas song? Mine is the lovely  and classic Christmas album of the Gunther  Kallman Choir.  A trip down memory lane?  I particularly like their Christmas Sing In album. Listening to it is quite an experience.  They’ve been around since I was a kid but it was just a few years back that I was able to have my copy of the CD album. I used to have them on cassette tapes though.

I remember this blog entry I made two years ago and I smile at the thought of Christmas past and the nostalgia it brings.

Time flies, too soon and we anticipate another event which has always been  and always will be so important to Filipino families.  Celebrating Christmas here in our country is probably the most joyous season of all.Nowhere else  can you find a place where it is most celebrated the longest, from the early days of September to as late as February of the following year.  Christmas celebration is the only thing  which I always blog the most.  This morning,  Umagang Kay Ganda, a morning show on TV, featured a Santa Claus collection of  someone whose entire third floor is full of different sizes and designs of  it.  There were unusual fork and spoon shaped like Santa, plates, mugs, you name it, he has more than a thousand Santa features.  I wonder how they keep them clean  and all in shape because  they’re displayed all year-long. Christmas is a very meaningful affair because most Filipino families who are apart during the rest of the year gather together during the Christmas season. There’s  nothing more touching than celebrating Jesus’ birth with the whole family. I am doing my Christmas list. It’s not as if I have lots to give gifts to but I just want to make sure that family members, some close relatives and close friends are included in my list.

And this will be the second Christmas for our baby Nate.  How much lovelier could it be? He’ll be ten months  in two days.


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