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It’s been raining the past three days and son says, “you can’t do anything outside in this weather”. I agree. We still have to trim the grass, empty the pond of rain water and clean the yard. And it does not help that PAGASA says the rain will stay for about a week.  Okay by me, I say as long as it does not bring flash flood that always inconvenience commuters. Since typhoon Ondoy, I always have this fear of storms and typhoons and flood. You will never know that even if it’s only a habagat, it brings more rain than a typhoon.  It is nice to see nature though after the rain, when the sun slowly breaks from slumber and shows its face. It is one of those times that I truly appreciate  the fresh look of my garden plants and I can’t help but take a few shots of raindrops precariously clinging to the leaves of the Caladium in the corner of the garden. Oh and I have to harvest my Calamansi, some are turning yellow. The green ones are better  than the ripe fruits.






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