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And I must say, it’s been a while. And it’s hard to start blogging again after a week of hibernation. Anyway, I promised I’ll be back. The last week has been full of thoughts and dreadful news that I buried myself reading a series of eight books ( I  actually read six) in a little town of  Virginia.  Reading historical novels and getting acquainted with years of survival and living in a  world when horses were the only means of transport in an undiscovered territory  is sometimes a great change from the noise of daily living.  As I read the last book though, cellphones, e-mails and social networking became ordinary means of communication in a modern world where horseback riding was no longer a necessity but something only the rich populace could afford.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t spent all of one week reading because in between resting my eyes, I was busy preparing simple meals and trimming our carabao grass.  Gardening has its rewards, it lets your mind wander  and form words in your head and you think of how blessed you are. When nature shows itself,  you can’t help but think  that there is something miraculous  in the way it rewards you with lovely blooms despite the rains. My Mokara and Hoya Orchids are in bloom again. I saw four new spikes of Mokara showing gentle buds of orange. And all the Hoyas are blooming too.  Gardening may sometimes be a pain  because it does not thrive on neglect but  the joy and the quiet times you spend pulling off weeds, pruning and watering are more than enough to make your day complete.

Last Monday, we have experienced the worst typhoon so far this year.  Typhoon Labuyo (internationally named Utor) caused massive floods and landslides all over central and northern Luzon and wreaked havoc to so many homes, crops and properties particularly in Aurora province.  I know the feeling of losing what you have  to typhoons and finding your home submerged in water. Four years ago, we experienced exactly that and it took us a month to repair our cabinets  and replace some of our appliances and personal effects  that were destroyed by  the typhoon. We lost most of our books too. But still we were lucky because we had a house to come back to unlike those typhoon victims in Aurora where their houses were destroyed. I  always dread the thought of storms and typhoons. And it sad to think that every year, we experience  at least twenty or more weather disturbances .

Just started on a new book by a Turkish author entitled My Name is Red. It’s sixteenth-century Istanbul and the author Orhan Pamuk is a recipient of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature.


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