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Gosh, it’s August already? Time moves so quickly. And I used to blog about month-endings and new beginnings. Lately though, I found myself more engrossed reading my growing stash of books and some e-books  on my phone. And blogging was relegated to the backseat. Soon, I will update my blog here. I just want to say thank you to  all of you who have remained my online friends all these years, commenting now and then, giving me a glimpse of your own journey.

I am always touched every time I see comments asking how I am. Yes, it’s been four years since I created this blog  and I think,  in my own small way, I have touched their lives too, no matter how mundane my sharing has become.  And yes, thank you so much for coming back here and telling me that you are inspired.  Initially, I just thought of sharing my journey as a cancer patient/survivor but it has become a  hodgepodge of everything.  That’s who I am, still dreaming and believing that dreams come true.

And I am excited getting reacquainted with some authors I’ve known some years ago and trying unheard of writers whose works I find equally absorbing. I’ll be back, I promise.

I just want to say, “thank you.”


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