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I wonder if I’ll be able to interpret this subject, companionable. It’s an adjective that simply says sociable, congenial or suited to be a good companion.  Some of us would probably interpret it  by posting shots of our pets licking our faces or just playing rough with us. Some may post something about two or more friends having the time of their lives celebrating  an occasion that is important to them . Or maybe it could be a load of books waiting to be explored.

I’ve always dreamed of doing street photography but then I am not that much adventurous when it comes to going to places not familiar to me. There are times  though, that you’ll have that perfect moment to explore and take  a  shot.  The simplicity of life, an afternoon of fun, shared moments of bliss.


Contemplating life or just plain enjoying the company of each other while eating their favorite snacks?  And it seems he is not bothered by  just having a slipper on one foot.


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