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Two weeks ago, I took  pictures of  my Hoya flowers still in buds. They are blooming now. I just want to share with you my favorite flowers when I was a child. Back in our ancestral home in the province, my aunt and mom used to have this hanging in every window. Just like my gardenia that evokes memories of childhood, I always look forward to these Hoya flowers every year.






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I sat there waiting

for the morning sunlight.

Then she came and perched atop

our bare avocado tree.

I listened to her sweet rendition –

a tweet, a song probably.

As if sensing that I was watching,

she quickly flew away.

And I was left

With a tepid cup of coffee.

Thinking –

I wish life could be this simple.

No extra baggage to carry.

Just this –

a sweet melodious song

a bird in flight

unmindful of what she left behind

but just enjoying what the morning brings

and what she can find

and discover beyond.

And I sit here


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And it’s worth all the time I stayed under the heat of the sun and the early mornings I have to water them.  I wonder though why they call this Shanghai Beauty.

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Can’t believe I’ve been here this long. Although I officially started blogging on May 11, 2009. I was at first afraid to venture into this platform so I erased my first few entries five years ago.


“Happy Anniversary.

You registered on WordPress.com 5 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”

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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

I was alone with Nate last Saturday. And I love those moments he showed me what he can do now – rolling over and laughing out loud, the amazed look on his face when he saw himself reflected in the mirror, the quiet times just watching him play and those moments he wanted to be cuddled and hugged because he was sleepy.

Watch me Nonna, I can do it. I love that determination on his face while trying to lift his two feet and balancing himself for that “look Nonna, nakakadapa na ako“.  It’s nice to actually see him practicing his latest talent – rolling over 🙂 He is really growing up fast.  Love you Nate.


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Can’t resist taking shot of this the last time we went to Tondo to visit  my son-in-law’s family. Theirs is an old house full of bric-a-brac like this, it goes with some of their old wooden furniture with lovely carvings. I don’t know what this is made of because it is quite heavy and it stands more than a foot tall.  It’s an ornament to treasure, the design is definitely vintage.

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PAGASA says  summer starts next week. I wonder why it’s been raining the past two days. This morning, it is cloudy. If this is the kind of summer we have, I can only imagine how it is when the actual rainy season sets in.  One advantage though is, I don’t have to water the plants except those which are in the shade. It’s actually a perfect opportunity to visit and take a few shots.whats in a garden1

And I thought this orange Bougainvillea died on me a few years ago until it showed its face with these lovely blooms. Now I have two colors of Bougainvillea.   These two green varieties of  prayer plants belong to the arrowroot family. I have three  species in my garden, all producing those lovely ornamental leaves.

what's in a garden

This is one of my Hoya vines.  They  are planted in hanging pots with this rounded wire in each basket. I was surprised to find at least six clusters all ready to bloom into lovely pink beautiful flowers.  This is how they would  look when they are in full bloom and the flowers last for quite a while.

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I can’t help but remember one of  my favorite books Gift From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh when I took shot of this wind chime that has been a part of our garden  for so many years now so I am borrowing the title of her book here.



It was  a gift from one of Nissa’s friends. It came from Palawan. When the wind blows, the shells create a sound like someone frying on a hot griddle. And this reminds me so much of  the cowrie sea shells  that I used to play with when I was a child. I actually  bought two  during one of our forays at Dapitan Arcade when I had my treatment a few years ago. Being reminded of childhood even just by a simple cowrie shell  is such a lovely feeling.  Looking at this, there are times when I want to explore the shore and look for some gifts from the sea – more shells to collect, a piece of glass with smooth edges brought about by too many times of playing hide and seek with the tide, some uniquely shaped stones to bring home.  Collecting memories of childhood is one of the best gifts that you could always find  in your heart, the times when you are ignorant of life’s broken dreams because you believed that dreams come true.

Don’t you just love the sound of the wind and the sea when you place a cowrie shell  close to your ear?

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