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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

Time flies! Nate  is one month old today. Since I can’t go to their place and visit him (because he has a check-up with his pediatrician) I am posting some pictures which I took the other day.  He has grown!

One Month1

I am definitely envious of those long eyelashes. They look so prominent despite the fact that  he is barely a month old.

Nate pa rin

And he seemed to be saying, “ I am listening Nonna, I promise I’ll be a good boy.”   In all the pictures that I took of him, he has this same look of rapt attention, staring directly at the camera. Nissa told me that he only cries when he is hungry.

Happy 1st Month baby, we all love you 🙂

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Ah, they sure belong to one family of melons but tasting the  juicy and sweet  flesh  of  honeydew is better than the cantaloupe that I used to buy. You can never be sure of the latter because sometimes the inner flesh  of the fruit is dry.  And I was surprised that  honeydew is now locally grown in Candaba, Pampanga. It used to be so expensive but now you can buy  P60 per piece.  This is definitely sweeter.

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