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Congratulations Janine!  In the hearts of every Filipino, you are a true winner and you are our Miss Universe. A fellow Thomasian, smart and lovely Filipina! Beauty and brain, that’s what she is!


The winning form!


Such composure!

And she said that there is no formula to winning the Miss Universe title.

Photo credits: Yahoo.com and Reuters (STEVE MARCUS/REUTERS)


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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

It is simply amazing  to hold a baby in your arms and observe keenly the different facial expressions that only an innocent child could do, it makes you feel that you are holding the most lovely gift from God. Indeed, our baby Nate is the most precious gift that God gave us. One can’t deny the feeling of overflowing love  and the sense of wonder that a baby brings into one’s life.

I haven’t seen Nate for almost three weeks since we brought him back to the hospital last November 30,  until yesterday, that is! And what a lovely day it was, being able to hug and hold him again. Never mind that it felt so awkward to hold a baby in your arms after almost three decades. My youngest is twenty-eight years old now. And that’s how long it took  me to lovingly hold a baby again in my…

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