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You are precious to us all and I can’t wait to see the day when you can whisper “I love you Nonna” to my ears.

Our Precious Bundle of Joy


I know, I know, you would probably say that it is pretty normal for newborn infants to ball their fist like this. But to me seeing our baby Nate doing it is symbolic of what he is presently going through right now.  Our baby is a fighter. We’ll getthrough  this baby and you’ll come home healthy as can be. I can’t forget the night we have to rush him back to the hospital a day after we brought him home because he had fever, which we later learned from his pediatrician  was still the effect of  sepsis which he acquired when he was born. Infection to any baby for that matter is not something you just take for granted. So he has to undergo another round of antibiotics for fourteen days. Supposedly today would be his last two days at the hospital.


He is sleeping peacefully still in…

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