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I am so wary of opening e-mails that simply say, No Subject. I feel as if I am threatened and subjected to something that I don’t really want to know. Sometimes though, I feel that certain curiosity and open them just the same just to be confronted with just a one-line link which I simply delete and put to trash. Even when it comes from relatives and close friends if the link  looks suspicious, deleting it is the only option. Why compromise your inbox with unwanted e-mails? I have experienced that before with my Twitter account and I have to change my password so many times just to be on the safe side. The downside is, I seldom visit my Twitter account now since I need to check on my journal first before checking tweets because I’ve written a long password complete with characters and numbers. I just feel lazy sometimes to check it with that long, long password.

One of the things I like about blogging at WordPress is their strict monitoring of spam mails. Come to think of it, there must have been more than ten thousand spam mails since I started blogging here three years ago. It’s kind of annoying that I see them everyday and they are the first thing I delete  when I open my dashboard to check my stats.  They’re getting bold. How would you feel if  you blog on some reflections about life or about religious things and you suddenly see ads with some “sex things” written on them? It is offensive.  One thing I am wishing is, if it is a spam mail, why  do you still need to show it, why not just delete it so bloggers won’t be clogged with unwanted e-mails? After all, who would want to have his blog inundated with such trash?

More than a year ago, I encountered a site which copied  one of my blogs and there was never a link back. They just substituted a few words and claimed it as their own.  The only time they stopped visiting my blog was when I boldly blogged about the site in my title page and reported it at WordPress. That’s why now and then, I check with Copyscape. It may not be one sure way of protecting one’s thoughts and writings but it helps in tracking down some unwanted sites from sabotaging what you have painstakingly wrote.

My own take is this, if it is not originally yours, put the link or source where you got it from. That’s common courtesy in the blogging world, I think. And don’t just open something with a No Subject.


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