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Our Precious Bundle of Joy

I am really looking forward to having our baby home tomorrow. Nonna is really excited, for want of a better word….because this would be the first time that I will be able to hold him since he was born last November 22, 2012. Allow me to be a little emotional remembering his ordeal in the delivery room. My daughter was in labor for almost a day only to learn that she could not deliver Nate the normal way even if she was induced. They had to operate via Caesarean section to get him out.  He moved his head while he was still inside so he can’t push himself out. An hour after he was born, NICU called and asked if they could talk to my son-in-law. I was alarmed. We were at the delivery room earlier so what was wrong? I learned through his pediatrician that he had  sepsis, a…

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