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It’s always a delight to discover new things in our garden in Patar. How fascinating it is to see these different varieties of tropical plants growing in one corner. Ferns and palms and a sprinkling of other blooms which I don’t have in my small garden.

Sometimes, I sigh in frustration that I could not identify the names of these plants.I am quite clueless, but I simply love the different shades of greens in this set. Then  I learned that Anahaw is our national leaf, hooray!



They call this Livistona , a family of palms.

A footstool palm or anahaw.

That’s all there is to it, I think. There are around 1,200 varieties of ferns so it’s a lost cause for me to identify all these. My sis-in-law takes charge of our garden in the province. These are just some of the evergreens that we have there.


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