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Yes, we have our own interpretations of what renewal means in our lives. Renewal means birth or it may also be interpreted as life changes that we have to go through.

There is something so uplifting about seeing  rain droplets clinging to the leaves early in the morning. It reminds you  of a new day, a new beginning  and all that it promises.

A scenery like this is like food for the soul…it speaks of peace, renewal and rebirth and new challenges to journey through.

And seeing the fish swim is similar to observing the continuity of life in all its glory.

What could be more beautiful than to see the beauty of nature!

This literally speaks of what renewal is all about, at least for me because I always find a deepening faith every time I visit this place – that kind of feeling where you have a big lump in your throat not because you are unhappy but because you feel that God is so near.


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