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Between July and September each year, bamboo shoots are in season in our place in Pangasinan. In our local dialect, it is also called labong. It is considered a vegetarian dish and it is cooked in various ways depending on what region or province you come from. One such popular way to cook it is mixing it with gata or coconut milk and we simply call it adobong labong. You have to remove the outer casing first and the white , fleshy inner portion is what is eaten. Unlike the way it is cooked in other areas which they still sauté, ours is just mixed together with the ingredients until it is cooked and dry enough. I don’t normally measure how much of each ingredient goes into the pan, it all depends on how you want it, you can put enough chili just like what you do with laing or just enough pepper to taste. It is best when labong is fresh and not the canned variety we see in supermarkets or the boiled ones we buy in wet markets.
1/2 kilo boiled labong
1 cup pork giniling (ground pork) or any toppings that you want
1 tbsp. diced ginger
1 tbsp. diced garlic
1 small head onion
2 pcs. green pepper
a dash of ground pepper
salt to taste
Place all ingredients in a deep wok or pan except the labong. Add a little water and let it simmer until the coconut milk curdles. Put the labong strips and simmer until it is cooked.  (It is always best to boil the labong first  then drained well before mixing it with coconut milk. Put salt and ground pepper according to desired taste. In our province, fish sauce  is usually used instead of salt and it has that different taste from bagoong alamang.
This morning, Mom brought home  four small shoots and I cooked it for dinner….yummy!

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