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I knocked
I saw your face
I am home!

Our eyes met
You smiled
I found a friend!

My bromeliad  bloomed today
Welcome to my garden!

Mornings are getting colder
Today – I saw new signs of life in my garden
December is  almost here –
And Christmas is near!

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We no longer use these frames as Christmas decorations. I remember that they are included in the earlier cross-stitch works I did many, many years ago. The Aida  cloth  I used in one of the frames is now yellowed with age.  I still keep them of course, for sentimental reasons. They are part of beautiful memories from past Christmas celebrations we had.

Sometimes, memories slip through our fingers  but they remain buried somewhere in our hearts, never to be forgotten but always remembered with pleasure.


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Every year, ABS CBN, one of the largest TV network in the country comes up with a Christmas station ID that we always look forward to. It signals the start of  a long, long Christmas celebration in the Philippines. It’s  the timeless Parol. Kris says, you can actually buy one at Kultura for the price of P1,800.oo  and a part of it goes to the charity institutions which ABS CBN helps.  I love the message it conveys. Maliwanag ang mundo natin pag bukal sa loob ang pagtutulungan.

(this video remains the property of ABS CBN).

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I know, I know, it’s a no-brainer to cook an egg and you probably won’t read this because you know  of different ways of preparing one for breakfast – fried, poached, boiled, it still taste the same. Why, even a five-year old would probably smile and say, You don’t need to teach me that.

Let’s not talk about calories and fat contents here because we all know that a boiled egg  has 15% fewer calories than when it is fried. Don’t you just love that perfectly done soft-boiled egg with that moist remaining at the center? My mom always have them overdone and when you take a bite with your fork,  the egg yolk crumbles while my son who is not that so adept in the kitchen usually have it soggy which I don’t much like.

All you need is an eight-minute cooking  for it to stay soft. Direct from the fridge, put it in a pan and add water just enough to cover the egg. Wait for eight minutes, no more, no less. Allow another 5 minutes to let it cool before removing it from the pan. And voilà, you’ll have that soft, perfectly boiled egg for breakfast. This is usually paired with good old hot pandesal , our classic  Filipino bread which is a staple in the  dining table. Then take your pick, hot chocolate or coffee?

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