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I am picturing this scenario in my mind. What if Richard Paul Evans suddenly announces that he is coming to the Philippines to promote  one of his books? You guessed right, I’ll be the first in line to see him and have him signed my book collections personally.  A few months ago, an online friend sent me a signed copy of  The Last Promise, so I know how he signs his name but it’s probably more exciting  if I see that smiling face and commit it to memory. Wishful thinking I guess but I am a fan 🙂

Last year, my daughter gave me a wonderful birthday gift. I had the chance to attend a book-signing of his favorite author and had pictures taken with him. Nicholas Sparks’ books are permanent fixtures in our mini library because she never fails to give me a copy during birthdays and Christmas.

And it’s fun using WordPress’ gallery feature!

P.S. Happy birthday Richard! Here’s to more inspired writing!


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