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This may come a little late but since I am  searching for the best photos to define the Weekly Photo Challenge which is entitled Happy, I opted to upload new shots here which I took early this morning at the garden. Yes, it is such a nice surprise seeing new blooms and feasting your eyes on something you didn’t really expect to see.  And being happy means  exactly that. Fancy seeing my Gardenia sprouting buds at this time of the year. Gardenia usually bear flowers during the months of May and June. Maybe, it’s nature’s way of telling me, “I’ll give you a surprise today to make you happy.”  And to my surprise too, I saw new buds of my  lone Amazon lily,  a promise of another day to document its lovely bloom!

And yes, this is the first time that I used the image gallery of WordPress. Just click on each picture and you’ll see it in full.

Happiness is really how you make it and simple things could make you happy! St. Augustine says, Indeed, man wishes to be happy even when he so lives as to make happiness impossible.”



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