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I hope the lovely weather we had the whole day will still hold until tomorrow. There is a super typhoon coming and although PAGASA says it won’t make a landfall, still it would bring rain in some parts of the country. I am just excited. This will be the first time since my daughter got married that we will eat out together, just the three of us – my son, daughter and I.  She is treating us to lunch tomorrow to celebrate her birthday early and since Josef is on vacation leave the whole week, it’s the perfect time to bond together again just like old times.

Nissa specially requested that instead of buying a gift for her, we’ll just buy something for baby Nate. It would surely be exciting to shop for baby Nate’s  needs. It reminds me of those times when both of them were still kids, I used to end up at the baby and children’s section of the department store almost every day to look for something for them both. Anyway, some friends say that a grandson or a granddaughter is more special in Nona’s eyes (that’s me in two months) because she would surely pamper her first grandson. Yes, I can imagine myself about the “pampering” because I want to document everything  in photographs and write about him.  Time was when I was so excited to make a scrap-book of Nissa from the early years to college (I still have those recognition awards, medals, certificates and the likes), sad to say though, her graduation picture was destroyed by typhoon Ondoy three years ago. We only have wallet-size copies of it.

And come to think of it, now  I am getting used to listening to music  for babies, classical ones that Nissa uploaded  from her DVD albums when they visited a week ago.



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This is one of my favorite verses from the Bible, an affirmation of God’s eternal love for mankind.

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