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Congratulations Arlene! 

You may laugh at this, congratulating myself in reaching my 1000th blog. Mind you, it was all a labor of love and a lot of hard work thinking of what to share and remembering the events in my life which are worth sharing.  Documenting one’s own frailties, insecurities, battles and happy thoughts takes a lot of  courage, more so if you are doing it publicly through a blog. One thing though that I don’t regret doing is sharing my plight as a cancer patient and survivor. I started this three years ago right after I found out I had colon cancer. Each of us has her own coping mechanism and mine was writing my thoughts and sharing it with the world. I’ve always said and I will say it again that if I could touch a single soul out there who’ll draw a little inspiration on what I went through, then that would be enough, it would make me happy.  To my surprise, a few online friends found some of my blogs helpful in their own journey, having experienced the same thing that I did.  Kindred spirits, if I must say.

And  I just love posting photos here.  One of the highlights of the day is finding some subjects to post and reflect on. Last year I joined WordPress Post A Day Challenge. You can really blog everyday when you set your mind to the challenge and blogging becomes easier.  My stats went crazy because of it.

I may not have that many followers here but I do enjoy the fact that I get an average of  200-250 visits a day.  Being an unknown blogger, it’s certainly a feat for me.  Didn’t I say that blogging has become a way of life? Didn’t I say that blogging helped me a lot in coping with a life-changing illness?  Thank you all for visiting Dreams and Escapes.

Goal of 1,000 Posts Completed. Congratulations!



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When you are on the brink of despair and self-doubt, when you feel so much pain because of circumstances happening around you, a simple “hi” or “hello” would bring so much joy to your heart. But sometimes, even that is hard to find in this “dog eats dog world” of  ours. Some people are just indifferent.

I saw the sun’s face today, briefly, but it is enough reassurance that  the sun always shines after the rain.

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