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It’s been raining cats and dogs since last night and I am glad that I attended an anticipated mass earlier. When I woke up this morning, it was again raining hard, a downpour that  you could do nothing about except to  look out of the window and count the splash brought by some cars braving the heavy downpour.  Yes, a hot cup of coffee would ease the sense of let-down that one feels  but this I guess is also the best time to let your mind wanders. There are things and events that are best remembered on rainy days, memories that give that smile on your face and lit your world like a 100-watt bulb  sans the pain of recalling  the sad times.

Music always brings  that glow of remembrance and the selections at YouTube come in handy when you are reminiscing the good old days. Perhaps you’ll agree with me that the rainy days are the best times to reminisce  or simply put, I may just be growing old. I don’t know but I am having a blast right now listening to Stars on 45  by the Beatles and the Carpenters before that.  And you guess it, my mom used to sing with the Carpenters while making peculiar dance steps alternately with  my baby daughter and her older cousin by a few months.  And you guess it right again, her favorite was Top Of The World 🙂 by Karen Carpenter, the best female vocalist of her time.  That was twenty-nine years ago and my daughter is expecting a son in a few months.  How time really flies!

I am never tempted to watch television on a Sunday, I’d rather catch up on my reading or update my blog, or chat with some friends at our closed group on FB.  So you see, that’s multi-tasking to the max.  I am looking for  more rainy day songs to borrow and upload here at WordPress.  And I remember the other blog I did a year ago, about having LSS when a favorite actor during my high school days added me up in his friend’s list.  So of course here’s first on the list, Rainy Days and Mondays by Karen Carpenter.

And don’t you just love The Cascades?

And this one is the best I think, from the Cascades, one of my favorite groups of the sixties.

And that’s how rainy days and  Sundays go, listening to music and remembering a period in one’s life with fondness.

(Thanks to Vinyl solution, Nelson Wilby  and YouTube for all these great songs)


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