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It’s a lonely planet. It rained hard a few minutes ago and I got crazy watching the raindrops creating puddles of  water on the pavements. I used to love the steady patter, well,  until three years ago. Nowadays, it gives me the shivers while remembering the harsh reality of a strong typhoon that could wipe out lives and properties in an instant. My son tells me that it would never happen again but every time it rains hard, I look out of the window and watch it fall thinking of a long-ago September morning when water reached my shoulder inside the house.

There is a certain kind of fascination watching raindrops though. It was just a week ago when I attempted to walk in the rain, savoring the sound it created on my small umbrella. Look where it got me, colds and sore throat.  And I had this dream of catching the rain on my cam  and see if I could create that perfect shot where I could clearly see the slant of  raindrops. Another crazy idea, I guess  but well, one could indulge a little and satisfy a curiosity long dreamed of.

I am just wondering why it came out like this, a sea of bubbles falling down from the sky. And I thought there must be something wrong with my camera  so I tried taking a shot  of my notes in front of my PC and it came out clear without all those dots and bubbles I had earlier. Crazy, isn’t it?


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