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Every time I visit  a new site here (which is not often) since sometimes I visit WordPress just to post my own and check my stats for the day,  I often wonder how long this particular person has shared  his or her own journey with the world. I love reading early posts and think of how the blogger has evolved throughout the years. It’s kind of amazing how in the daily exercise  in writing , even such mundane topics like what you had for lunch or dinner, there is always something that somehow leaves a smile on your face or something  that would make you ask , “Why didn’t I blog about that?”  or Why didn’t I think of that?”

Fr. Louie, a  priest friend who is a co-admin at  our Catholic site at Facebook put it this way, “Even blogging is a form of prayer.” I wholeheartedly agree. When you are writing, even just a short post or reflection, you always tune in to yourself, you listen to the silence and the rhythm of pounding the keyboard to make your thoughts seen and heard. I seldom write my thoughts on paper now, I type them straight to my PC and makes several edits before  I  could get them all right. Even then, sometimes, when you are reviewing what you have posted, you realized that you’ve missed on some words that would have made your sentence a little more fun to read, something that would resonate and linger in your readers’ minds  long after they have left your site to view and read other blogs.

I love photography  and though I am an amateur at it, I am glad that my posts get noticed by some fellow bloggers whose sites  just make you utter “oh” and “ah” because you were touched by the message they conveyed in pictures. It’s always a thrill to discover some sites that one loves coming back to. Somehow, you can relate to the thoughts, and it makes you smile that what you were just thinking a while ago is staring at you, put in a beautiful string of words.

And I would love to share with you a text message I received  this morning from Fr. Tacky, another priest friend from Apostles Filipino Catholic Community and I quote:

The beauty of faith is not in the fact that we are always blessed but, in the midst of anguish, despair and difficult times. we can still shout from our hearts that GOD is Good, that GOD is great all the time. Good morning!”


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