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Mom was watching an afternoon soap  (telenovela) while I was making a hot cup of coffee  and I heard  this conversation:

“Dapat pag mahal mo, ipinaglalaban mo, pero di pala ganun kadali yun, dapat pag mahal mo, ipinaglalaban ka rin.”

Loosely translated it means, “If you love him, you’ll fight for him but it’s hard to do it because if you love him, he should and he will also fight for you.”

So I asked, “Meron pa bang ganuong mga lalaki ngayon?” (Meaning one in a dozen, you won’t find a guy like that). Without batting an eyelash, she answered, “martyr”.

That’s mom….straight to the point 🙂


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I’ve just updated my photography blog here at WordPress. You are all welcome to visit the site here. Comments are welcome!

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