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I think this is  my  third  blog  in a series of shots that I took giving colors to the day. At first it was orange, then white, let’s have it in yellow today.  Life in our neighborhood is a quiet life, it’s the noise of the vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles that shatter the peace and quiet. All our streets were named after flowers. One such stretch that I love is the street perpendicular to ours which is called Aster. Our two village gardeners have planted annuals lining the sidewalk and it is a sight  to see the yellow colors of blooms facing the sun.

And I was wondering why they didn’t plant Aster flowers to fit the name of the street  instead of these lovely Cosmos blooms only to find out that  the latter are also called Mexican Aster 🙂  They are eye-catching and when the wind blows, they sway in the gentle breeze. They don’t need much  maintenance.

Cannas are always a delight to look at. They stand majestic along the sidewalk and come in varied colors of orange, red and yellow.

And these Golden Candles are also a sight to behold. Do you know that the flowers are the white tips and not the yellow ones?

Don’t you just love this yellow lamp-post? It blends well with the Canna and Cosmos flowers.

I don’t exactly know the name of this tree but it is similar to a flame tree, the flowers just come in yellow colors.

It’s a yellow morning, at least in my part of the world! And do you know that yellow symbolizes wisdom? Yellow  also means joy and happiness. Be happy!


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A perfect day to stay in the garden for a while. There is a typhoon coming but the sun is slowly showing its face, begging for those quiet moments that one dreams of. It’s  the morning ritual of greeting the day with so much hope and enthusiasm, taking a few shots of the garden. Everything is grace, even the simple task  of picking calamansi fruits  for a healthy juice later.

I have to use a ladder since the fruits on top are  in clusters  and can’t be reached.  I just love these moments – being with nature and enjoying  the morning . What a life 🙂

We  have two dwarf calamansi trees which  we planted at the same time that we constructed the house  seventeen years ago.  They bear fruits all year round  but summer is the best time to harvest  them. When the rainy season sets in, they stop flowering.  Calamansi or Philippine lime as they call it has many uses in cooking aside from that refreshing freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.  We use it for marinade, for sinigang or paksiw. We also use it as dip for fried or grilled meat and fish. And it is better if you harvest it while it is still green but already matured since you can get more juice than when it ripens.

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