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Sometimes I wish I could stay in a nicer place where everything I see is white! It may be a blanket of white flowers or some fluffy cotton candy clouds that put a smile on my face….always. There are times when loneliness creeps in (can’t be helped) like a  steady rhythm that beats and works  its way into the innermost fiber of your being. There are times when being alone is most magnified  and you tend to see things like you’ve never seen  before. I am always grateful though that my little garden gives me a sense of peace and belonging, an uncomplaining companion that does not say, “you never have time”. Believe me, if I am well enough to stay in the sun for long, I will. Things are not the same now unlike three years ago. The effect of medications and chemotherapy has left me a little breathless at times, easy to get tired and always  lacks sleep. It zaps you of strength even if there is that adrenalin rush to do something else. Gardening is one such thing that I miss doing since my time staying here is limited now.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the morning ritual of watering the plants, feeding the Koi and finding some new blooms to document. I took these shots early this morning except for the last two shots of  that I took  months ago. Looking at the pictures of these white  flowers makes me smile, it’s a little close to that place I was dreaming earlier.

My white Ruellia. They actually come in different colors and are self-propagating. They are summer flowers.

A Dwarf Pandakaki, also  known as Kampupot. I just wonder why they call it Banana bush when it does not even resemble a banana plant.

Snow Rose, a delicate flower in white. It resembles my Orange African rose but this one has a faint scent lacking in the former.

Locally known as White Angel flowers, they are sun-loving plants.  It could grow into a little bush but it is perfect when trimmed.

Can you help me identify this one? It’s pretty common in our neighborhood and does not need too much care.

This pretty cat stole my morning. It’s a neighbor’s pet that visits us once in a while but I am always afraid that she’ll be chased by our angry dogs . Sometimes, I envy that serene pause, shutting out the world  with all its broken dreams.

Ah, my lovely Amazon Lily! I only get to see the flowers once or twice a year but the waiting is all worth it.

My one and only Gardenia shrub never fails to make me smile every time it’s in bloom. I love that heady intoxicating scent.

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