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It was a lovely birthday celebration for my son who turned 28 today. Although we had a late lunch of Sweet -Style Spaghetti ( a special request from him….the sweet  taste of the pasta), Shakey’s Pizza  and Cream Dory Fillet, it was a fun-filled and simple celebration.  It was fun relaxing to the max – eat, laugh, exchange news and listen to classical music.  Nissa brought her CD Brainy Baby Classical Tunes which she says they always listen to while on their way to the office. She said and I quote, “I want my baby to appreciate good old classical music”. And she’s right, listening to Mozart’s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star makes me remember those days when I was teaching both of them their alphabets.  And it’s wonderful to get re-acquainted with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Mendelssohn’s Symphony and Boccherini’s Minute to name a few. I took a few pictures for posterity 🙂

My two kids – Nissa and Sef!

Four-months  pregnant Nissa!

A simple fare of  Breaded Cream Dory Fillet, Sweet-style Spaghetti and Pizza in two flavors!  We had leche flan and cassava cake for dessert.

What counts is being together . Celebrating life. Another birthday.  Maligayang kaarawan anak!

Trivia: My son has the same birthday as that of Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor. I remember when I gave birth to him, Princess Diana was shown celebrating the second birthday of her son and I put that event in my son’s baby book 🙂


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