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I wonder what you think of these photographs. I experimented taking shots from a moving car in one of our road trips a year ago. I rather like the blurry effect  and the combination of colors – the green hues, the blues, browns and greys all mixed together in one frame.


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In the silence of your heart, you’ll hear God’s whispers.  He always speaks with loving words. You are loved. You are blessed! You are a wonderful creation of God.



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They always say that life is how you make it and your happiness depends on how you see the simple things that come your way. Would it make you smile? Would it make you laugh? Or would it make you remember some memories from childhood?

Over a year ago, Nissa, Obet and I went home to the province to visit some of our relatives and friends and to bond with my seven-year old niece. It was also our  chance of introducing  Obet to the family. Across the street is a neighbor’s house, they are relatives actually, where I saw this old-fashioned way of making charcoal. I do remember decades ago how my grandfather would prepare a pit and arrange wood to make something like this. The harder the wood, the better it was to use. Back in those days, guava trees just grow everywhere and when it’s time to clean the yard, my grandfather always saves the bigger trunks for charcoal-making.

The simple life back in the province still has that attraction to me.  Don’t get me wrong because now, they even have cable TV, satellite discs  and every modern gadget that you could think of  but somehow, it’s quite a novelty to see  such a laid-back way of doing things amidst modern times.

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