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Two nights ago, I blogged about my daughter  and my son-in-law spending the night with us. The weekend is always such a joy when they are around. Nissa showed me the result of  the baby’s sonogram taken at thirteen weeks. I showed it to our Catholic private group at Facebook and I was simply amazed by their comments when they saw the picture. Sheryl, one of our members from Hong Kong said, it was not only the fetus she saw in the picture but the happy face of Mama Mary clapping and Jesus cuddling a baby in His bosom.  Some members of the group said the same thing so I looked closely at the picture and I knew what they meant. I am reposting it here.

I wonder if you’ll be able to see what they saw in the picture. The figure on the left  which shows the defined spine of our baby also shows the picture of a face with hands clapping and the right shows a figure more like holding a baby  and gazing at it.  Their faith is such that they see God in everything.  And we don’t need miracles in our lives to know that God is near us, lovingly guiding us, being present even  in the ordinary and uneventful happenings in our lives.  We could feel God’s tender touch  through the wind on our face, we could feel God’s loving hand through the outreached hands of a child, we could feel God’s loving embrace  through a tight hug from a friend.

We’ll be having a baby boy and I am so excited to be called Nonna come November this year. Nonna is the Italian word for grandma which Fr. Boy, a priest-friend based in Italy  thinks sounds elegant. I laughed. Whether I be called, Nanay, Lola, Grandma does not really matter. I just pray that he’ll be a healthy baby boy. He is the first grandchild in the family (on our side) so I am counting the days and imagining holding my first apo in my arms in a few months.  He is a wonderful gift to our family –  a wonderful gift from God.

Have a nice Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!


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