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I actually have lots of materials for this topic, pictures of friends that go back almost forty years – high school classmates, college chums and former office mates who have become close friends over the years but I prefer something like this  – a symbolic picture of what friendship is all about, reaching out and slowly getting to know someone you can call a friend in the end.


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“I must have flowers, always, and always.” – Claude Monet

Welcome to my orange morning!

Yes, it’s an orange Saturday with a splash of purple and red in-between. I spent the early part of the morning trimming  my Vinca plants which have grown too wild for my liking. I am using them as ground cover at the corner of our concrete fence outside. Vinca don’t need much of daily care since they are perennial plants and they only need watering twice or thrice a week.  And  when you stay at the garden for a little while, there is always a reason to smile – discoveries of new blooms, new colors to admire and a chance to take a few shots.

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