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I started a blog last night, a birthday greeting to a once-treasured friend. I just wondered  how after writing a few lines, I was suddenly at a loss for words. Maybe, the memories have finally blurred at the ages after thirty-eight years.  And here’s the first few lines that I wrote:

Today I greet an old friend who greatly influenced me in appreciating the written word. There’s really nothing like writing your thoughts on paper and making them alive , complete with commas and periods.  It started with a simple notebook, pouring one’s heartaches out,  trying to assuage the pain through writing.  

And after thirty-eight years, here I am thinking of you once again. Memories sometimes play a trick on our imagination, we thought we have forgotten but they simply do the opposite, they make us remember.  Pleasant things are laid to rest somewhere deep in our hearts.  I just hope someday, we’ll cross paths again and say, those were the days, the painful growing up years, the emotional  upheaval. Nothing of course could bring back the clock. Time,  no matter how we look at it, no matter how  we want to let it stop for a while, will continue its course and it never waits.

So happy birthday…all the best always!


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