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Oh my, oh my! Can’t believe  it’s exactly three years now since I started this blog. Time certainly passes like the wind. The last two years, I made a recap of some blogs I did earlier but it is a time-consuming job so I’ll pass, at least for now. Blogging has been a sort of commitment although I was not so inclined to advertise that this blog exists. I also don’t mind that although there are a lot of readers out there,  comments come in trickles . I’d rather share my thoughts with a few who appreciate what I write about and learn a word of wisdom or two by reading my blog. There was a time three years ago when I decided to share to the world what I went through – a survivor’s tale of how life was and the times in between the rigorous surgery, chemotherapy, kidney bypass and endless trips to the diagnostic center and hospitals to be reassured that life after all these is still normal. And I thank God for miracles, small and blessed events and happenings that gave more color to my life.  And I thank God for meeting new friends here who sincerely wished for me to get  well. I thank God for fellow cancer patients/survivors on the same journey with me, making me feel that I am not alone in this journey.  I thank God for the support of my family, they were there at the most trying times, at the most difficult days. Suffice to say, blogging helped me coped splendidly with my illness. When you share your pain and let it out  of your system, it’s becomes easier to bear. Life after all is not without its tears.

This is another memorable day for me because after more than a year of exchanging notes and comments with Dean, one of our junior admins based in Australia, I was finally able to meet him personally.  I found myself revisiting the Shrine of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. That’s where we agreed to meet along with another admin of our Catholic page, Apostles Filipino Catholic Community.  It was a lovely few hours of bonding, talking about our Apostolate and all the friends we’ve met through the page.

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