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Finally been able to watch The Hunger Games on DVD, a much-awaited event because I was not able to catch it on wide-screen. If you have read the book, the first of a series of Suzanne Collin’s trilogy, you would appreciate the movie version a lot more but if you are the type who take note of  nuances, feelings and emotions as best described in the book  you would feel a bit disappointed because as always, the book is better than the movie. Right?

Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence delivers a heartwarming performance and she shows a demonstration of strength and vulnerability that gives credit to the character she is portraying. She’s that good that even if she is the only performer you see on-screen, she carries her role as the brave and  nature -lover Katniss who is adept at handling  a bow and arrow.  She is the loving sister who volunteers to enter the game to protect her younger sister  Primrose.

What is more striking though in the movie is how the moneyed people (the Capitol) manipulates and controls how the people of the different districts live by  depriving them of food  and resources  and annually sponsoring these tributes for their own entertainment. The elitist government commands the participants to kill each other until only one is left as the victor. When one is faced with danger and the only way to survive  is to defend yourself against oppression from the elitist government, your  bravery and  the  power is  within you and no government can end your life without you fighting , bringing  the game to a different end.   When you are made to believe that you can do nothing for your own survival, that’s where your power within comes to the fore. I wonder if  Catching Fire, the second book in the series would also be made into a film. I am looking forward to it since I would like to see on film how Peeta, Katniss’ partner in the first series and Gale, Katniss’ best friend would vie for her love and how Katniss’ bravery inspired the other districts to rebel.

I tried experimenting on another Thai dish by using  the basil and garlic chili stir fry paste which I bought last month on a half-kilo pork  tenderloin. Wow, another surprise for Mom since she asked the name of the recipe and I said  it’s a Thai dish. I wish I’ve taken pictures of it.

I’ll be celebrating my third year of blogging at WordPress tomorrow. Time flies again, so soon! I can’t believe that I reached this far because this blog only started as my journey as a cancer patient/survivor.  Horaay to blogging. Thank you WordPress and thank you too dear readers for reading my blogs.


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