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I watched the Monday edition of KrisTV this morning and they featured three successful mothers, actresses who were married to foreigners  and are happy with their married life. It’s so lovely to see Ina Raymundo’s kids greeting her with such loving words and G Toengie’s  foreign-looking kids speaking in Tagalog. They recounted their lives living abroad, the hardships of having no household help, being hands on in everything and yet they are raising loving, lovable and good-looking kids.

Being a mother is not only a 24/7 responsibility. Being a mother is a responsibility you carry until you die. And the reward of having loving, respectful, responsible and  thoughtful kids is more than enough to make your heart sing. There is something so fulfilling  about motherhood that I can’t really explain. Our relationship with our children are so special that we are ready to sacrifice everything for their well-being. And what makes it more poignant is that as you see them grow  into responsible adults, every small achievement that they do  is your achievement too and every success that they achieve  is  also your own.

My daughter who got married last November is three months on the family way now. And I am waiting with bated breath for the day when I’ll be able to hold a grandchild in my arms. You bet, the soon-to-be grandma is more excited than ever. Don’t they always say that the coming of a grandchild is another milestone for someone slowly approaching the twilight years? No, don’t get me wrong, I am still quite far from the stage of being called a “senior citizen” but I like to think that having a grandchild to love, to care for and to pamper is one such blessing that I will embrace wholeheartedly.  I told Nissa that I saved more than a dozen bird’s-eye diapers which she used when she was still a baby, complete with initials and  embroidery at the edges painstakingly  done by Mom. After twenty-nine years, they are still in very good condition.   In this heat, you can’t always use disposable diapers to wrap a baby, that would be torture. And I still believe in the old-fashioned way of using baby diapers and bringing up kids  the way I was also brought up by my parents.

And the greatest compliment that Nissa told me was when she gave me a card during Mother’s day a year ago saying that she’ll be having a family soon (they have just set the date  for the wedding around that time) and she will bring up her kids the way I brought them up. And that made me cry.

Kudos to motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all loving mothers out there.


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