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I don’t know what to think.  This weather is making me crazy, it’s hot and sunny one moment, then there are thunderstorms, lightning and rain the next.  And it’s been raining the past three  days, a welcome change for my garden plants that seem to savor the rain. This morning looked so fresh and clean. And it saved me some precious time and gallons of water 🙂 So here I go again recording the details of the day through my lens.

The three colors of my Ruellia plants. They’re early morning blooms. They are also called Wild Petunia.

My front garden, the morning after the heavy rain. I love the silver sheen of the carabao grass and the serene look is something I always admire – the green, green grass of home.

Took these two shots of the morning sun the other day. It was partly obscured by the thick clouds threatening rain.  My zoom lens was not good enough though to capture its beauty.


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