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Nowadays with the temperature reaching to as much as 35°C  in Metro Manila, I find it so hard to prepare elaborate meals that would need staying in front of the stove for long.  What Josef and I do is to cook something that we could eat cold and won’t need lots of time to prepare.

This afternoon, it was a toast between the “guinataang puso ng saging” that I cooked earlier paired with fried bangus and tortilla wraps. The latter won of course and you won’t need too much time preparing it.

You can put anything in a tortilla wrap, you can have veggies, slivers of meat,  fried breaded chicken breast or  whole corn kernels. Mine was a simple combination of fresh tomatoes, white onion, slices of ham and quickmelt cheese.

I used  a store-bought tortilla wraps. I have this one particular brand that is soft and thin and it also sell pita pockets and pizza dough.  Josef had to buy another small box of quickmelt cheese though since what was left from the previous cooking was not even enough to wrap the ingredients.

And all you need to do is to arrange the rest of the ingredients, top  it with cheese and put it in the oven, just enough to melt the cheese and make the tortilla wrap crispy to the bite.

There you have it, yummy tortilla wraps for lunch. You can serve it  with hot sauce or plain banana catsup.



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