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It was hot outside and 4pm looked like it was still in the middle of the day. I did plan of weeding out unwanted grass from our peanut grass cover planted in front of the house.  And for several days now, I  always hesitate to go out because of the heat. Finally though, this afternoon, I was inspired by the two maintenance crew of our subdivision when I saw them planting more Cannas along the roadside facing the house. There were newly planted ornamental bananas too. I watched them dig despite the heat and the noise brought by passing cars.  Hard work with minimal pay. So as my good deed for the day, I offered them both some biscuits and a pitcher of ice-cold water, stopped and talked a while about life and survival.

Life is hard, it’s a known fact but when you have to toil under the heat of the sun everyday, sweeping remnants of cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and yes, plastics with straw which our sari-sari store owner neighbor conveniently use for soft drinks  and what-have-you’s,  which the seemingly unconcerned  denizen of this subdivision throw to their heart’s content, one can’t help but think, don’t they even have  self-discipline? I told our two janitors that some people have complete disregard for cleanliness in their surroundings. It is so exasperating sometimes to see people in cars just throwing their garbage from their car windows, some Jollibee or McDonald’s wrappers and disposable cups.  In that short fifteen minutes, I learned a lot from these two, it is better to earn a few pesos in a dignified way than to do something unlawful.  And always, they are those who understand the value of hard-earned money. And a little kindness towards them goes a long, long way.

I looked through my several albums posted privately at Photobucket and tried to find materials which I could use in a Catholic page in Facebook which I help maintain and found this, a picture of the cottage in Caleruega where we stayed two years ago. It made me feel quite nostalgic.

I’d love to come back here and visit the Koi at Kampo Arriba or have that trek again to see the Batulao mountains of Batangas.  I promised myself that the next time I’ll visit this place, I’ll just absorb the silence and write some more.


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And for the graces You continually bless me with, Thank You!

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