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At the time I took these shots, I wished they could have been closer or I had a  good zoom lens but these shots were from my old Pentax Optio camera.  This   flock of birds were just lovely to see, they were flying in formation when I saw them.

Simple things make one’s heart swell with joy.


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That’s right, it’s been a meatless week for Josef and I just  thriving on  fish, vegetables, and canned tuna.  And it’s really a challenge to come up with a variety of dishes using fish. It was a form of sacrifice for us during the Holy Week and now we’re back to eating meat, just have to cut it down in moderation for health reasons, obviously.  What were left in our freezer were several cuts of pork,  deboned chicken breasts, beef cutlets for sinigang and five dozens of those Alaminos longganisa which I ordered when my sis-in-law went home with mom to Pangasinan. Those tiny  sausages (longganisa) are the best in Alaminos.

This is the first time I’ve used longganisa in a pasta dish, another experiment in the kitchen that turned out good and yummy. I boiled a pack (1 dozen) until it rendered a little fat, fried it for a few minutes then mixed it with the simmering pasta sauce. The slight smoky taste of the longganisa added a touch of flavor to the dish.  We paired it with fresh buko juice – heaven!

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