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I wonder why it took me so long to upload the pictures I took of Blessed JP II’s exhibit in Cubao last October but I blogged about it earlier (hence, the “part II”). Oh, I remember now, at the time I took these shots, I was using my son’s laptop and I could not upload the Zoom browser feature of my Canon camera.

Gosh, I can’t believe I took all these shots.  I just love JP II!

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A  friend forwarded this a few minutes ago, it’s too good not to share.  They are reflections  of an old man who donated blood one Good Friday.

I gave blood, Christ gave His long ago; I gave a pint, He gave it all. My needle was short and sharp, His nails were large and dull. My cot was soft and restful, His cross was rough and hard. My med techs were kind and gentle, the soldiers were cruel and mean. The crowd applauded my sacrifice, those who passed by reviled Him. Mine was type A positive, His was positive for all. Mine, at best, will prolong life for a while, His without doubt will save us for all eternity.

A blessed Good Friday to all!


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