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I called my insurance agent and she told me to present two valid IDs when I visit her at the  office. And since I’ve long left the bank where I used to work, my old company ID would not be considered. I have my SSS (social security) ID so I need one more. She suggested that I get an NBI clearance but I told her, it might take too long to get one since offices will resume next Tuesday  and besides, I would  not need it for other purpose anyway so that option is out too. What about barangay clearance? Why didn’t I think of that? So fresh from taking an afternoon shower, I went to the Barangay Hall which is very near our village gate to get one. Back when I used to go there for some errands when Dad was hospitalized four years ago, they just required the name  and valid address,  I haven’t visited the place since then. It was a quick ten-minute job and instead of producing  a copy of a 1 x 1 ID picture, they had a camera on the ready.

Huh, you mean you have to put that on the certificate? Gosh, talk about egos and all but my hair was pasted to my scalp and they asked me to post in front of the cam? I didn’t even put powder on my face….huhuhu 😦 . How would I look? To cut the story short, it came out good since the print on the certificate of my freshly scrubbed face was like those you’ll find in newspapers, only a little clearer and recognizable on a white paper background.  Walking home, I had that silly smile on my face while balancing an umbrella on my left hand and the rolled Barangay certificate on my right. It’s an official document so I really can’t afford to get it creased or something.

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