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Alam mong adik ka na talaga sa libro when you want to enter every Booksale you pass by and hope to find that one particular book which you’ve been looking for for so long. Alam mong adik ka na talaga sa libro when you want to justify an expensive purchase at National Bookstore saying to yourself, it’s  Mother’s Day in two months anyway so it’s a gift, well, sort of.

Posted the above shout-out earlier on my wall at Facebook. The Me here is of course yours truly and LC is a friend residing in the US. And I find it funny that when the topic is about books, anything goes.

    • Me: Hi LC!

    •  LC: Alam mong adik ka sa libro na mas gusto mong pumasok sa bookstore at mamalagi ng buong araw sa loob at kuntentong kuntento ka!! Alam mo adik sa libro na kahit wala kang payong, hahayaan mong mabasa ka pero yung mga librong binili ay talagang iniingatang wag mabasa!! =)

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    • LC: Hi Arlene!!

    • ‎ Me: 101% agree! At alam mong adik ka na sa libro kung pagdating mo sa bahay gusto mo kaagad lagyan ng plastic cover at isulat ang “ex libris” on the first blank page with your name in bold letters….hahaha!

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    • LC: haahahaha….actually meron akong stickers na “ex libris” and I put them on my fave books!! Speaking of books,Arlene , you won’t believe what I paid for a hardcover complete works of Shakespeare!!??!!! I found it in one of the thrift shops and I asked how much was it since it didn’t have a price and the clerk quickly flipped through the pages and asked me how much do I want to pay for them and I was salivating at the mouth but I tried to be cool so I said, “how much do you want to sell it for?” and she looked at it one more time and she nonchalantly said, “hmm….ten cents.” Well…I quickly bought it and yes, I put my “ex libris” sticker, hahaha!!
    • Me: Wow, LC, that’s a good find! How lucky can you get!
    • LC: You can imagine me walking out of the thrift store with my cheshire cat’s smile!!! =)

    • Me: I am looking for old books by Richard Paul Evans  here but I could not find any. My hardcover copies were all destroyed by the flood two years ago. (Notice the link on RPE’s name,baka mabasa niya eto eh, maawa at padalhan ako…hehehe)
    • Me: Wow, LC, that’s a good find! How lucky can you get!
    • LC: hahahaha….talagang naka link!!! Hanapan kita next time magawi ako sa mga thrift stores!! There’s a handful pero karamihan mga romance and mostly by barbara cartland kaya nga I was soooo happy to find that shakespeare’s book.

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    • Me: I haven’t read Cartland since high school pero paminsan masarap magbasa ulit ng ganun, easy read and all. RPE is on my mailing list for a number of years now and he is an online friend here at FB, a very accommodating and kind author. I have a whole album of his quotes which he shares with his readers.
    • LC: Oo, nakaka-addict yung mga Cartland;  I  remember meron pa akong guideline noon ng royalty hierarchy para alam ko kung ano ang baron/ness, viscount, etc. hahahahaha!! Sige, hahanapan kita ng mga books nya!
    • Me: Hahaha! Thanks in advance… Wala na atang mga ganung subject ano except those books by Judith McNaught (one of Nissa’s favorite authors).

    • LC: It’s been awhile I read those kind of books; lately it’s suspense/thriller for me. Sige, inbox mo address mo so kung meron akong mahanap, send ko sa yo.
    • Me: Lovely 🙂

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It’s been a long time, literally, that is! For the past few days, all I came up for a blog were one and two-liner features that made it to my most read list, just the same.  Anyway, I just thought of updating you all with the weekend I had.

Yesterday, I met a friend way back in college and I remember that the last time we had lunch together was a year ago. Although we get to text each other once in a while, it is always a welcome change to chat, giggle, reminisce, hold hands  and cry a little while drinking hot tea and making the big effort of finishing off the Shabu-Shabu plate she ordered at Gloriamaris  Restaurant at Gateway Mall.  Would you believe that we’ve been through the same predicaments and problems in life (not in the same degree probably) while counting the years being cancer survivors?  I’ve always said that the best people who would truly understand what you’ve  been through and what you are presently undergoing are those who are on the same road with you and traveling the same journey. Precy, a friend for almost forty years now is one such gracious and caring lady who is ready to help – a shoulder to cry on, a sister, family and all.

We attended a seminar on health and healing at  Noble Life International (Phils.) They develop and market organic healing foods endorsed by world-renowned medical researchers and doctors.  Their products are used by doctors and medical professionals as food therapy. Yesterday I learned a lot from one of their guest speakers, a neurosurgeon.  For the past three months,  Precy has been taking these  all-natural supplementary food medicines and she says that they really help in her recovery as a breast-cancer survivor. Having such toxic elements in your body as a result of six cycles of chemotherapy makes you so wary of eating unhealthy food. I’ve been so careful of my diet since I was diagnosed of stage three colon cancer almost three years ago. And again this brings me to some friends asking, “how can you talk freely about your illness and what you’ve been through?” Well, having a light-threatening disease is not the end of it as some people perceive it to be. It’s true, you have to go through the drastic measures of treatments, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and all but I am of the thought that sharing it through my blogs would somehow ease the pain for someone out there undergoing the same health problems as I am. And I feel happy that in my own little way, I am  doing a bit of helping these people cope. It’s the reason why I put up this blog in the first place.

Nissa and Obet came over yesterday to have dinner with us!  They brought with them ingredients for a yummy dinner, pork sinigang in guava.  And Obet could cook, we let him labor in the kitchen, churning out a tasty and indeed yummy sinigang sa bayabas. It was a lovely Saturday, alright:) And I had the chance to see the photos forwarded by their official wedding photographers. They haven’t chosen yet what to put in the official album from around 2,000 photos which will be narrowed down to about 150 at the most. I suggested that we have the candid shots printed and have them made into one lovely family album, after all, it’s not every day that your one and only daughter gets married:) .

It was a quiet Sunday and I almost cried listening to Fr. Leo’s homily today!

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