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Great! The lovely story is slowly unfolding. And I am still talking about Dahil Sa Pag-ibig on its fifth episode. Finally, the main characters Piolo Pascual and Cristine Reyes are now introduced into the picture as grown-ups Jasmin and Alfred.  I have a friend who says she’s so “kilig” watching it.  I really must be hooked too, blogging about it again.

So how do you ease the pain of an unrequited first love? How do you move on when you know that deep in your heart, someone matters a lot?  Can you  let go that easily?  It makes me remember the teenage years, the times when  you cried yourself to sleep because you were hurting. But you grow up eventually, all the hurts and the pain become  part of the growing-up years. And the experience makes you strong.  You reminisce and smile a little because you remember and you can relate 🙂



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