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Back in the days when I was still recuperating from my chemotherapy treatments and the endless hospital and doctor visits, I blogged about a day when I could see myself all in orange glow of the sunset and the promising color of a beautiful sunrise and I cried when one of my friends blogged about it and honored me with wearing an orange shirt.

There are days now that I simply appreciate the  beauty of our small garden, making up for some moments of feeling so much alone.  Never mind that everyday, I get a headache in cleaning the yard for fallen leaves from our lone avocado tree. It gives me time to reflect and think about things.  And the orange Koi  fish gently swimming in our small pond are truly a sight to behold. Watching their glistening bodies on the noonday heat of the sun, I sometimes ask myself, don’t they ever get tired of swimming? And it boils down to asking a deeper question of, what would life be without having the faith to go on despite knowing that it’s hard, what would life be without a loving God Who embraces you everyday no matter what? I am sure it would really, really be empty.

My Crossandra is blooming again, giving a fiery orange color to an otherwise green garden. They are known as Firecracker plants simply because  of  their seed pods, which are found after the flower has dried up, tend to “explode” when near high humidity or rainfall. The “explosion” releases the seeds onto the ground, thereby creating new seedlings. Mine is just an orange color. I love those pockets of sunlight penetrating through the bushy leaves and it makes me ask, can you please color my day orange once more?


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