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Consider this my month-ender blog. I used to write about month ends and beginnings but between the busy schedule of being a mom and sitting in front of my PC, I lost track  on the last time I did it. For a while there, I didn’t know what to blog about. And it’s not because I have nothing to say, there are lots actually and as usual, I could not organize my thoughts.

The other day, my son Josef and I were in the garden, having individual task of cleaning the pond and pulling out weeds from the peanut grass planted  at the front of the house. He of course had the share of the more difficult task of transferring the Koi  fish  (gosh, they are getting bigger now) and changing the murky waters of the pond. It rained on and off the past week so we had to postpone staying outside. Our avocado tree is shedding off leaves like crazy but producing flowers at almost every tip of each branch. You can just imagine the sackful of dried leaves I have to sweep everyday. We’re not there yet because it would probably take a month more  before every old leaf falls to the ground and new shoots show their faces on each branch. To cut the story short, he shouted and said, “let’s take a rest for a while Ma and I’ll show you something”. And he showed me this and I saw the happiness on his face while he hugged me close pointing to what he did with the trunk of our avocado tree.

I remember those love stories long , long ago that I used to watch on TV, with two names carved on a tree trunk like this and it made me laugh. What a day! 🙂


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Caught one of our cats perched serenely atop one of the branches of our avocado tree this morning and I can’t help but snap a few shots. There are  times in one’s life when you wish you could shut off the noise of this world and listen to the silence, when you’re at peace with God’s voice egging you to go on with life and never give up.

She must be saying, “Hello world, good morning”.

Oh, she was  suddenly shy, hiding her face just when I was about to click the camera.

“That’s the last shot you’ll take of me, please respect my privacy.”

Crazy, you might say but sometimes, our pets teach us to stay focused and enjoy what the day brings.

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