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I was reviewing the pictures I took since I had my Canon Ixus camera, discarding unwanted shots  and keeping what’s worth-sharing in my albums. Then I saw this, an experiment with green, a single Taro leaf with a combination of water plants. I simply love the effect.


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It’s been raining since last night and my son said, “it’s a sin to wake up early in this weather” but when he saw the spread on the table, he smiled and said, “kain na”.  Yes, it’s the kind of weather where you just want to stay in bed and read while sipping a hot cup of coffee or listen to morning news on the radio.

We have champorado for breakfast with matching tuyo. My son  asked why we  always have to match champorado with fried tuyo and I told him, why do you have dinuguan with puto and instantly we had a game of what food matches this or that. It was a lively breakfast with Mom.

I used about 1/4 kilo of glutinous rice  and two cups of coconut cream to give it that creamy texture, about a cup of unsweetened  Ricoa cocoa and a cup of brown sugar to taste. The tuyo (dried fish) balances the sweetness of the chocolate porridge.

Since I don’t like milk which is the usual ingredient to make the champorado creamy, I have to substitute the coconut cream which is more flavorful. You need to constantly stir the mixture in low fire so it won’t stick to the bottom of the pan.  Give it a try, specially on a cold weather like this and you’ll surely have a second helping of it.

We’ve been to the market over the weekend and bought lots of dried pusit, dried deboned danggit,  and a quarter kilo of tuyo. It’s the beginning of Lent in two days and fasting is a regular thing that we do every year, less meat but more on fish, fruits and vegetables.

So, what did you have for breakfast?

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